Wedding Pricing

Contract and Facility Guidelines

Total Payment Due: $4,400.00

The total includes the following: All tables and seating for on-site ceremony and reception for up to 225, a bartender and parking assistant. This also includes day-of coordination services by a Vino Oasi event coordinator  to organize with your vendors, your bridal party and guests to keep your special day moving on time and correctly. Dressing areas are also included for wedding party prior to the ceremony.

Please thoroughly read and sign the contract and facility guidelines.


Fees will be determined at the time of booking and a non-refundable initial payment will be required at that time. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the scheduled event. A check for $350 or a credit card number may be left on file in lieu of a security deposit for the day of the event itself.  In the event there are damages to the property and/or excessive cleaning is needed following your event, client understands that the security deposit on file will be used to cover these expenses. This applies to all areas of the facility, including grounds. Client further agrees to assume responsibility for the cost of damages above and beyond that of the security deposit. The $350 Security Deposit will be refunded after the event provided the facility is left in good condition and requires no excessive cleaning beyond normal use.

Packages may be upgraded, pending availability. Downgrades are not permitted.


Wedding rates include use of the dressing areas, barn, ceremony sites and grounds. Rehearsal dinner and reception only rates include barn and grounds. The wedding rental period is a full 24 hours. Other events contracted are billed on a PER HOUR basis ($150/hour). This will be reflected at the bottom of your contract. This includes set-up time by client/caterer. Additional charges apply if additional set-up time is needed. The rehearsal dinner and reception only period (if applicable) is a maximum of six hours and must take place between noon and midnight and that includes set-up time by client/caterer. Votive, floating candles and pillar candles enclosed in glass chimneys may be used.


All food served at Vino Oasi must be prepared in a licensed, inspected facility with a Grade A sanitation rating. If your caterer is planning to only drop off the food there is a $500 service charged by Vino Oasi to monitor the food areas and clean up.  Otherwise all caterers are responsible to clean the service and dining areas and remove all trash to the dumpsters provided by Vino Oasi. Certificate of insurance, health license, and a mandatory walk through at least 90 days prior to the event in the event you are not using our preferred caterer.

Alcoholic Beverages

We provide a bartender and the drink pricing for beer and wine is $4 per drink. We will do the best we can to accommodate your personal beer and wine requests, but it is not guaranteed. If you choose to pay for your guests’ drinks, a 15% gratuity will be added to the final bill. Self-serve alcohol is not permitted. Brown bagging is illegal and strictly prohibited, which includes any alcohol in guests’ vehicles, or anywhere on the property.  A NC State ABC Permit is required for “hard liquor” and a copy must be on file at the bar. This includes any drink mixed with hard liquor. Clients are responsible for monitoring the alcohol consumption and behavior of the guests. Vino Oasi reserves the right to end any event IMMEDIATELY if this policy is not followed.


Smoking inside buildings is strictly prohibited. A cleaning fee is assessed if this rule is not strictly adhered to. Smoking is permitted outside only. Please do not discard butts in the grass or parking areas. Containers are provided throughout the property for this purpose.


Rehearsal time is available the day before the wedding but must be scheduled so it will not interfere with any other wedding or event. Please contact us before setting your rehearsal time. In the event a wedding is scheduled for the day before your wedding, you will need to hold your rehearsal before noon so you do not overlap their rental period. The bride the day after you will do likewise.


Some accommodations may be available for those requiring assistance to and from parking area to ceremony/reception areas. Please note we may not be able to assist in all situations.  Please use caution and observe a low speed when entering and leaving the property. This is for the protection of children, guests and Vino Oasi pets.


No artificial flower petals please. Vino Oasi reserves the right to change the decorations and/or landscaping as deemed necessary by management. Client decorations and personal items are to be removed and all areas returned to their original condition at the end of your event. Nails/pins are not allowed to hang decorations. Non-surface  damaging hooks (aka Command Strips) are permitted but must be removed post-event. Vino Oasi is not responsible for any personal items left overnight.


We have a limited amount of linens available for rental. Please check with us for pricing and colors once you determine your décor and rental needs.


Live music and DJ’s are acceptable. Please contact Vino Oasi prior to booking a live band in order for us to determine if we can meet their requirements.


Photo sessions for your bridal portrait and/or engagement photos are by appointment only, pending availability.


Sparkler exits are permitted under controlled circumstances and require prior approval. Furniture and accessories may not be moved without prior permission. Violations of county noise ordinances and any damages to the structures and/or property are the responsibility of the client. Pets on the property are not permitted without discussion and permission of the owners.


Swimming in the pond is not permitted. Please do not throw anything in the pond. No fishing. Clients assume responsibility for their personal safety and that of their guest with regard to the pond and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Vino Oasi, LLC and its management and staff from any liability arising thereof.

Set Up/Tear Down/Cleaning

The rental period of includes client reasonable set-up and break down time. The caterer is responsible for set up, break down, cleaning the food areas and inside the barn as well as removing trash from inside the building. A dumpster is provided for all trash. Clients assume the responsibility for clearing the premises of all personal items brought in.Personal property may not be left overnight. Vehicles may be left in the parking lot overnight, however Vino Oasi assumes no responsibility of the security of left vehicle or its contents. In the event additional clean-up is needed, please refer to the guidelines for fees and charges. All food or liquids spilled on furnishings, floors or rugs must be cleaned immediately. Please notify the management of any damages to the property immediately. confetti poppers or glitter may be used inside or outside of the buildings. All balloons MUST be secured and weighted.


Clients are responsible for the behavior of their guests. Clients and guests are to conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times. Children must be supervised at ALL times and a sitter is highly recommended. The firepit and sitting swing area is not a playground for children and improper use may cause injury or damage. Please observe caution. Client is responsible for any costs of repair should damage occur.


Our product is time and space. Once you have contracted with Vino Oasi for your event, that time and space is no longer available to other potential customers. Should you need to reschedule your event we will work with you to find another available date within the following 12 months. Deposits are transferred as follows: 6 months or more 100 %, 3-5 months 50 %, Less than 3 months –None. We regret we are unable to give refunds.

General Behavior and Conduct

Clients and guests are to conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times, conforming to all state and federal laws, county ordinances and all facility rules and regulations. Client hereby agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Vino Oasi, LLC, its officers, directors, members, employees, and agents from and against any and all claims, demands, causes of action, damages, liability, judgments, loss, costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees and expenses of investigation, which may be suffered or incurred by any of them, or which may be claimed or alleged against any of them by any person or entity, arising out of , based upon or related to any injury or alleged injury, including death, of any person or property of Vino Oasi, LLC and its officers, directors, members, employees, agents, contractors, and sub- contractors, members of the public and patrons of the “Farm”, or other property of Vino Oasi, LLC arising out of the Clients event or its use or occupancy or such property.

I/We hereby acknowledge that I/we have read this page and the preceding pages of this document and understand the Facility Guidelines for Vino Oasi, LLC and that these guidelines are an integral part of my contract.

Responsible Client Signature: ___________________Date: ________________________

Vino Oasi Representative Signature: _____________________Date: ______________

Total Payment Due: $4,400.00

The total includes the following: All tables and seating for on-site ceremony and reception for up to 225, a bartender and parking assistant. This also includes day-of coordination services by a Vino Oasi event coordinator  to organize with your vendors, your bridal party and guests to keep your special day moving on time and correctly. Dressing areas are also included for wedding party prior to the ceremony.

Client Intake Form

Please complete the following information:

Name(s) of Responsible Party

________________________  and _______________________________

Mailing Address


Best Phone Numbers for Each Person

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Best Emails for Each Person

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Deposit of ______________ received by Vino Oasi on _______________________________.

Balance of ______________ due to Vino within 30 days of event, not including extra rental items.

Additional Rental Items Available

Burlap runners $5.00 each

Gold lace runners $5.00 each

LED Candle Lanterns $5.00 each

Table Numbers (up to 20 tables) $2.00 each

Corn hole games $35.00 set

Hay bales $5.00 each

Shepard Hook $1.00 each

Mason Jars (varying sizes) $1.00 each

Wooden Centerpiece Rounds $1.00 each

Antique Boxes (varying sizes) $5.00 each

Heaters $25.00 each

Antique Quilts $5.00 each

Projection Screen $40.00 (large)/ $20.00 (small) –includes projector

Wireless and/or Lapel Microphone $10.00

12” Stand Speakers $25.00 each

Linens $11.00 each (colors vary and based on availability)

Vases (varying shapes and sizes) $1.00 each